domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2008


Alice de Sousa

"5. It's become something of a tradition now to invite our interviewees to recommend their top 5 books – the reads that have inspired them along the way. What would your choices be and why?

Numa entrevista de 2008, Alice de Sousa afirmava em resposta a esta pergunta :

1. Shakespeare's Complete Works – there can be found not just the greatest and most timeless plays ever written, but also the very essence of the human soul in all its greatness and wickedness.

2. The Lusiads by Luis de Camoes - Portugal's national epic poem.

3. The Origin of the Species – for obvious reasons.

4. Christina Rossetti's poetry.

5. A Good Man in Evil Times by Jose-Alain Fralon. I have just finished reading this book about a grossly over looked WWII humanitarian figure who saved in excess of 30,000 lives – Aristides de Sousa Mendes. He was repaid for his act of extraordinary courage and humanitarian altruism with social and professional humiliation and abject poverty. I am researching his life story and intend to turn it into a play which will be staged at the Greenwich Playhouse in 2008!"

Ora a peça aí está anunciada para Janeiro.

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